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Health And Anti-aging

Cocoa-RX™ is a standardized full spectrum extract of Cocoa that contains specific levels of powerful and bio active Flavanol compounds, which are responsible for its healthy, anti-aging effects. In scientific studies, Cocoa has been proven to extend life span in humans and in animals, protect the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and prostate, and Cocoa even kills cancer cells! The name Theobroma Cacao means "Food of the Gods", and rightfully so, because Cocoa is the truly the KING of all "super-foods".

Cocoa contains high amounts of epicatechin and has been found to have nearly twice the antioxidant content of red wine and up to three times that of green tea! We all know that Cocoa is found in chocolate, but in order to obtain all of the amazing health benefits, a highly concentrated standardized powder extract is necessary. Herbal Innovations is the first and only company to identify the biologically active Flavanol compounds present in Cocoa, and Cocoa-RX™ is the strongest Cocoa extract in the world. Cocoa-RX™ is the perfect ingredient for all of your wellness and anti-aging formulas.

Bodybuilding And Fitness

Athletes are always looking for new ways to improve body composition and to enhance athletic performance. Who would have thought that Cocoa holds the secret keys that unlock the gates of muscle growth? Science has recently discovered a specific gene that is responsible for regulating muscle growth in all animals,it is called Myostatin. Studies have demonstrated that inhibiting (blocking) this gene produces significant increases in lean muscle mass and strength. This genetic approach to bodybuilding and sports can revolutionize the way that we build muscle and enhance athletic performance! Herbal Innovations is proud to introduce the only herb in the world that has been scientifically proven to inhibit the Myostatin gene! In one study treatment for just 7 days with Cocoa-RX™ yielded a bilateral increase in strength of 7%, which was accompanied by a significant increase (49.2%) in the ratio of plasma follistatin/myostatin levels!

It doesn't stop there, the fitness benefits are far-reaching! Cocoa-RX™ contains a flavonoid that improves endurance performance, which is extremely important for bodybuilders and athletes of all sports! Studies have also shown and studies have shown that Cocoa-RX™ improves the results of condition training and if the you stop training, maintains the training results for longer! Cocoa-RX™ will give your product and your brand the edge that it needs in today's extremely competitive nutritional supplement marketplace.

Scientific Studies

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